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What Are The Kinds of Photography

Hi everyone. Today I will explain the kinds of photography with a brief and simple expression. Many new types of photography in our age have developed and continue to developing. Some of the photography types are as follows.


It is a branch of contemporary photography taken in the public space and documenting life. There are many different definitions of street photographer. Street Photography in general; walking around the streets of cities, life, experiences, surprises, encounters, chance, people, events, etc.  can be defined as photographing.

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There are various sub-titles according to the purpose and usage.

– Portrait

– Nude

– Special day

– Child, young, old…etc.

It is one of the most encountered and attracted species. These photographs are such that the human body is completely above the chest or only in the frame of his face.



You can shoot landscape photos on travel, hiking, camping and any kind of travel. The world of photography is the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about wide-angle lenses. Landscape photos; as a general idea from other photos can be seen easier and less valuable. However, landscape photography has enormous challenges and a successful landscape photograph can be extremely impressive.



It is one of the most important functions of the photograph and no matter what kind of document it carries. The subject can be both human and social life and can choose natural and wild life as a subject.



Living things in a natural habitat; is a type of photography that is related to animals, plants, and geological formations. It is almost the landscape photography.



Adventure photography is a much more difficult, dangerous and highly resistant area compared to other photography branches. That’s why it is very difficult for beginners to do photography and getting successful results in this field requires long working hours and experience. Pay particular attention; Use special materials and equipment for high risk of injury.


*** Don’t forget safety for the Adventure photography. ***


Artistic concerns, aesthetic rules are appropriate photos. It may be a feeling, thought, thought, or just aesthetic value. This kind of photos helps to create beautiful emotions in the audience. This type of photograph is a product that emerges with a sense of emotion or expression with aesthetic concerns and a result of superior creativity.



Advertising and product photography are a method of persuasion that enables a product to become desirable and desired by its target audience. Accordingly, the center of interest should be in the product or the message to be transmitted. It can be seen that it is divided into categories such as fashion, food and industrial.



Architectural photographs should contain certain aesthetic values according to different aims and approaches. This kind of photographing is with the aim of demonstrating the relationship of the structure with its surroundings, documenting the stages of the building, creating projects, documenting urbanism and advertising-promotion.



Fashion photography is generally the name given to the whole of the work done to the magazines, fashion houses and advertising agencies by professionals. In the fashion photography of catalog photography, photo modeling and even in the face, body, object photography, etc. There is also the obligation to divide into several sections.



Specially designed indoors for photography are called photography studios. The type of shooting done in these places is also called studio photography. Everything in the studio is under the control of the photographer. You can capture great frames by creating a good composition. But you need to know how to properly manage the light and the camera. With studio photography techniques you can create great compositions in indoor spaces.



Wedding photography is a sector that has improved in recent years. Photographs of the bride and groom before the wedding and during the wedding. There are many kinds of wedding photography. It can be categorized as outdoor photography, story photography, and studio photography. This is called outdoor wedding photography if you are taking pictures of the bride and groom outside in a studio setting but outside.



A job in which every moment of the newborn process. From the excitement of the mother up to the rush of the father, the beautiful flavors are a job that is able to immortalize the memories.

Newborn photographed shooting stages;

  • Taking pictures of pregnancy before born
  • Preparing mother for childbirth
  • Baby’s birth moments
  • The mother’s reaction to the first time
  • Baby’s first cry
  • Postpartum moments

I will explain them later in a detailed article. But it is imperative to take courses to become a good newborn photographer.



Food photography is pleasant and difficult. It requires creativity and practical intelligence. The food photos attract people so much that the restaurants are now working with people who do food photography to use in their catalogs. Light is of great importance when you take food photos. As with every photograph, you should use the light correctly when taking the food photo.


One of the food photo tricks: You can create beautiful frames by projecting the lights on the back and front sides of the dish at a 45-degree angle.


Corporate photography can be summarized as event photography and human “CEO portrait”. This includes corporate events such as conferences, birthday parties, Christmas parties, receptions, sales events, sporting events. It will be the main objective to photograph corporate employees in the work environment where they are the most natural. They can also be directed to studio shots. Technical equipment is an indispensable element for these shots.

Of course, you also need to have maximum experience with the shooting techniques. Amateur photography can infamy you in such a job.



As the name suggests; air balloon, airplane, helicopter for various purposes a bird’s-eye view photograph of the subject. Such photographs are commonly used in military, cartography, archaeology, and generally for monitoring and control purposes. Recently, it can be said that it is a type of photography that is frequently used for tourism and promotion activities.



Change the photo to black and white, if you really want to define the form of a subject. When there is a marked contrast, you begin to see objects such as dark shadows and bright lights as you have never seen them before.BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY

It’s very good, if you like working abstract.

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Taking photography by recognizing different people and cultures in different places. The first one of these functions is to take photographs at travel and the second one is to go on a trip for photography. Discover new places and travel. Often bloggers use this method of shooting. It allows people to browse the places they want over the internet.

It is important to know the tips of taking good pictures in your travels.



The purpose of underwater photography; to examine the living and non-living water life and underwater world, aesthetic images, sunken archaeological studies and sport activities. No special clothing is require for any leave or dive to a depth of 5-6 meters. However, it is a legal obligation to take some training to dive into deeper waters. Check the water diving training and laws for precise information.


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