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Tips for Editing Wedding Photos Like a Professional

There are a thousand and one things that make weddings fun events and over 50% of these fun things have something to do with pictures. For a fact, pictures are very important with regards to weddings, as they play the role of a time capsule that keeps the sweet memories of the day for generations to come.

In light of the fact that these wedding photos usually hold great sentimental value for the couple and everyone involved, wedding photographers charge prices that are more often than not outside the means of the interested parties. Notwithstanding, you can always ask your favorite cousin Kevin or your close friend James, to help you take pictures during your marriage ceremony. On the off chance that you succeeded in getting your favorite cousin Kevin to take the pictures of you, your bride or groom, and your numerous aficionados, you can then improve on the pictures.

Photo Editing

Looking for how to improve your wedding pictures through editing? Well, you’re in luck, because we are going to show you how renowned professional photographers edit wedding pictures to make them look amazing. Plus, we’ll be telling you photography mistakes to avoid when editing wedding photos like a professional. If that sounds interesting, let’s hop into it.

Us lightroom preset

Installing Lightroom presets on your PC is a step in the right direction for individuals that want to learn how to start editing wedding photos like a professional. The vast majority of professional photographers that you see out there, work with Lightroom presets or have worked with it in the past. Since you are working to achieve the same result as these professionals, you have to use what they are using. Lightroom presets allows users to improve pictures by clicking on one preset at a time. You can browse through the categories to know your preference. In some cases, you can apply these presets on your photos without doing anything else. However, it is better if you fine-tune the exposure afterward.

Use the crop tool

It doesn’t matter if you are editing an action shot (where the persons on the photo are motiving) or a carefully shot group portrait. Your pictures will always look better when you crop out irrelevant areas. In spite of the fact that this tool falls under the category of basic editing tools, more than 90% of photography experts out there use it for photo editing. On the other hand, you shouldn’t overdo it, when you are cropping a photo, make sure that you don’t crop out important details from the photo. Also, you need to avoid the mistake of cropping a photo until it becomes too snug and hampered. You can try different aspect ratios like 1:1,16:9 and so on, until you are satisfied that the one you’ve picked will make your wedding photos pop.    

professional wedding photos
Wedding editing photo

Remove noise from the photos

Noise in photography refers to small arbitrary fluffy bits on photographs taken in low-light. Noise can reduce the overall impression of an image as well as distract focus from the focal point of the picture. Maintaining a strategic distance from noise on your photos can pose a challenge, even when the pictures are taken outdoors. However, with a single click on your mouse, you can expel noise from your wedding photos, much the same as how proficient photographers do it. This step is very important when you are editing wedding photos like a professional; simple run your pictures through de-noising apps like “quickly remove,” “photo enhancer,” “noise reducer pro” etc.

Fine-tune the exposure

In the event that you choose to carry out the editing of your wedding photos with Lightroom presets, you’ll almost certainly have to perfect exposure on those photos. This will improve the overall impression of your photos and make it seem like you hired a professional to do the job. One of the most obvious photography mistakes to avoid when perfecting exposure is making photos too bright. The rule of the thumb with regards to editing wedding photos like a professional is to start with the general exposure. Next thing to do is to fix the brightest regions on the photo with Highlights and whites slider. Once you have perfected the brightest regions, you can now proceed to adjust the darker areas. You’ll have to do this with shadows and blacks slider.

Use sharpness tool to fix blurriness

It is almost expected that some of the pictures taken by your favorite cousin Kevin during your marriage ceremony won’t come out as good as you’d like. But, before you start point accusing fingers, you need to know that this usually happens to professionals as well. As a matter of fact, professional photographers have figured out a way to get the best out of these not-so-good circumstances. How they do it? They use the sharpness tool. Sharpness tool is the best guarantee for salvaging burred pictures. Another photography mistake to avoid when editing wedding photos is to over sharpen. You can ruin all your hard work when you over sharpen because your photos can end up looking unusual or comical.6

Photo Editing

Use black and white effects

Changing some of your pictures to black and white versions can help you conceal uncorrectable areas on your photos. B&W gives this classic look that is usually absent in colored photos, which implies that you’d be hitting two targets with a single effort when you edit not-so-good photos to appear in black and white. You need to take care when you are doing this – you don’t want the greater part of your wedding album to appear in black and white. You can use basic editing tools like the ones mentioned earlier in this write-up to give your pictures an overall improved impression. 


Everything that we’ve mentioned here will help you edit wedding photos like a professional. Notwithstanding, you’ll have to practice all that we’ve listed in this write-up on a few photos to get the hang of it. 

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