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Specific Mistakes Made by Beginners in Photography

One of the handicaps of the technological age that we live in is creating a large visual pollution-dump. Especially smart phones, photography applications, social media as a result of the widespread widespread aesthetics, beauty, meaningfulness, clarity or even entered into our lives far from logic.

Day doesn’t go away, let’s not face the photos we’ve been missing, where we grind our faces, and we’re ashamed of someone else. I may have found some heavy accusations, but unfortunately this is a disturbance from the results of unconscious photography 🙂 In this article, we’ll take a look at our common photo-shooting mistakes by those who want to take a right and beautiful photo, rather than the unconscious. The title of the track is” specific mistakes made by beginners in photography’’ but we can also add those who still make mistakes 🙂

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The topics I will mention in this article are; Photography of Composition, Retouching more on the photo, Wrong Focusing, Inadequate sharpness in photography, Powerless or Excessive Light, Incorrect Shoot Scale, Weak or over-exposure, Automatic built-in flash usage, Shoot all photos in JPEG mode, Don’t spend fortune for New equipment’s before self-improvement.

I was pleased if the topics were of interest to you.


” What does the photo above tell you? “After taking or shooting pictures, press the shutter button and see the composition you recorded. In this photo, what is the subject or who is in focus? Tell what the desired action-feeling is? If the subject you want to tell is not specific in the composition, it is not a good photograph if there is a meaning confusion. I’m sorry I can’t be constructive about this.

One of the most common mistakes of new photographers is the photos took without thinking. Any aesthetic an

xiety- photos without expression- are visual wastes that you present to eternity.So when you take a picture, think about what you want to mean or composition, and then press the shutter button.



In particular, photoshop newly learned enthusiastic person who has downloaded a new application to his smartphone and is confused with the tools of this application, plays with his photos exaggerated. Playing in extreme shape with sharpness, contrast, saturation and exposure values in the photo is rather ‘’disgusting’’ rather than beautifying. 🙂

In these exaggerated photographs that move away from reality we begin to see fault such as deformation, loss of sharpness, sandblasting, loss of color. The colors in the photo will explode so much that you see. The human skin in an orange tone near red. Also, all ready-to-use filters start to resemble each other. You couldn’t make anything with this photos. If i have to say the other way ‘’ Less is more’’


We make it a custom to use our machine in automatic mode and Auto Focus when starting using the new camera. That is, the object we want to focus on is not always clear in our photograph, until a different, insignificant object in the frame is clear. It’s meaning that auto-focus doesn’t always give excellent results.

Focus is particularly sensitive in macro photos, time lapse shots and portrait shots. that you have to careful to focus if diaphragm open shooting.Therefore, manual focusing can be a method to avoid mistakes when taking pictures. You can check the basic tips for how to make a easy focusing.


The sharpness in the photograph is expressed as an advanced subject. The sharpness in the picture is directly related to the camera, lenses, focal length and adjustments.

Knowing what kind of photo it will take! It is important to take a picture in the photo. So you’re taking a picture of nature, shooting a portrait, etc.? It is important to select and adjust equipment according to the which photo you are shooting. Which lens do I use for example?  If you want to take a portrait photo, for example I should prefer a narrower lens.

What adjustments should I make? For example, I have to bring my aperture value to f 8 -10 and the shutter speed as low as possible for landscape photos. Because, I want every point in the photo to be sharp and clear. On the other hand, if you want a moving object to appear clear to a human. It must fast aperture value and shutter speed as possible.



I’m not talking about overexposure or inadequate exposure here. I’m talking about using correct light. you know an ordinary tactic ” sunlight should be behind you ”.  It’s a cliché but right. 🙂  The balance of light and shadow is one of the most important factors determining the composition in photography. Photographs that use light in a creative way always make a difference and attract attention.

One of the mistakes made by beginners in photography is shooting at noon when the sun is strong. (i mean outdoor photos ). During these hours, daylight does not allow you to take creative photos. The color information disappears and the shadows fall below the objects. Therefore, the dimension perception decreases.

When the sun’s rays come from a lower angle (especially in the morning sunrise and evening sunset and before hours), it is more convenient to take pictures of the colors. The light can be used correctly for light-shadow games. These time zones are called ”golden hours”.


One of the basic rules of composition is to know the scales of gravity. For example, people do not have feet in photographs or space above their heads covers a meaningless area, and jaws are cut in portrait photographs. These are the most common mistakes made by beginners in photography.

Knowing the shooting scales doesn’t mean you’ll use them in every photo. No one has any objections to take creative pictures. However, the images that are very badly coming to the eye, and the pointless pictures are often incorrectly scaled.


When you get a professional camera, you want to shoot in manual mode after a while. When we start photography; We have the parameters you need to determine in manual shooting to determine the values yourself and learn how to take the right photo. (ISO, instantaneous and iris diaphragm etc.)

If one of these parameters is inaccurate, one of the errors in the photo will be excessive or insufficient. The camera guides you for the right exposure. But constantly changing weather, light,and most importantly different light sources within the same space can cause excessive or inadequate exposure, exploding light areas, black-gray information. I recommend you to take photos in indoors with variable light sources or getting an education will save your time to learn them. If you have a budget for course/education. Some training’s on this matter will speed up your learning.


I would like to add this item relative to the list of mistakes that beginners make to the photo. I feel down for some photographers to use a flash when they want to shoot a distant object or in the large area. (especially enthusiastic photographers). ”Don’t use flash when you want to shoot a distant object or in the large area.” In addition, we often encounter photos with built-in flashes that explode on people’s faces. This will make them look like a ghost. The use of the right flash is vital for the use of the right light photography. So using an external flash and learning to use this apparatus takes you to the next level. But if you say ”I can’t invest in it” or ‘’ my flash isn’t always on my side’’, I would say use your built-in flash if you are sufficiently far from the object.  


You have a professional camera and you are taking continuous jpeg photos. what’s your purpose? I can understand, if you don’t have enough storage space or my SD card doesn’t have enough speed. Set your camera to JPEG + RAW for wonderful photos, if you believe you can capture or shoot great pictures  at least in such moments. Saving photos in RAW format gives you more information and more space to play and organize. Besides, if your photo’s exposure and color settings are wrong, you can easily pick it up in RAW format and don’t have to worry about it.


This is my most important advice for beginners photographers 

A pocket-burning and frustrating item in the list of mistakes made by beginners in photography. Some adequate selection of equipment will be enough for you. If you don’t have a lot of money. You developed yourself and you have enough knowledge and experience in this regard. Now you can consider improving your equipment or having new equipment. Don’t throw your money in the trash. 😉   

Photo Editing

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In this article, I mentioned the mistakes made by beginners in photography. Besides, I gave some links to other topics throughout the text. There are information that I think will be useful in these links. Open and read if you have time. ‘’It’s hard to learn the correct without making mistakes.’’ So it would be helpful to do a lot of test shots. Hopefully the spelling has been useful.

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