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Editing Instagram Photos Before You Post to Instagram

As you make your way through the feeds on your Instagram page, it is easy to see a similarity that exists between the accounts that you love to follow. It is how captivating their images are that thrills you. This goes to show that when photos have quality, they can make for a good part of your Instagram strategy. When it comes to editing Instagram photos, there are professional photography tips and strategies that you can employ in order to create stunning pictures to post on your Instagram.

Basically, all that is required is the camera of your smartphone, some tools for photo editing, and just some practice. Here, you will get to understand what it takes to pimp your Instagram photos in order to build your audience while enhancing the aesthetics of your brand. Below are 6 great steps for editing Instagram photos.

Photo Editing


In order for your Instagram post to be superb, you need to start by taking quality photos. Natural light can help to boost the quality of your photo. Also, your smartphone camera comes with HDR mode if you wish to take pictures in blue light, as well as, outdoor.

Then again, if you have time constraints or do not feel inspired, you can get some stock photography and customize them. On the internet, you will find free photos that you can select from. Brands that do not necessarily deal on physical products will find this idea attractive. Also, companies that have a low budget may opt for stock photography.

One of the Instagram professional photography tips is that you should begin with a photo which has a size that fits Instagram. Small size photos may result in a blur regardless of how much editing you put into it. Wide photos of about 1080 pixels are best.


You can liken filters to flavors of ice cream. Despite the fact that you’ve got your individual tastes, some tastes seem more popular. Most times, it is best to go with the methods that are tried and trusted. In a study carried out in the United States, Clarendon was voted to be the most preferred Instagram filter. Clarendon comes with an effect that brightens and highlights most pictures which help to add to the general appeal of your photos. Other filters that were chosen as favorites we’re Juno, as well as, Lark and Gingham.

There are, also, filters that give your photos a flavor of vintage. Other filters can enhance the brightness and the warmth of your photos. When it comes to editing Instagram photos, you need to search for and locate a particular filter which gets you fascinated or a filter that fits the aesthetics of your brand.

One of the top professional photography tips when it comes to filters is to enhance its intensity by tapping on the filter twice. Then, use the scale to make adjustments where necessary. As soon as you decide the future that you love the most, ensure that it is used on every picture that you post in order to make your Instagram page look unique and distinct just like that of celebrities. This is very good for reinforcing the identity of your brand. If you research the top brands, you would realize that they mostly use a particular filter each time they make a post.

Instagram Filters application


As soon as the filter is applied, the next thing you could do is to tweak your Lux setting. All you have to do is click the icon which looks like a sun right above the picture. Photo contrast, as well as, exposure is adjusted with Lux. This helps to give your photos dimension and enhance its features. You can liken it to a contour that is used for pictures. If you wish to enhance photos that are underexposed, this feature will help you.

In editing your Instagram photos with locks, simply make adjustments by using the scale. For enhancing the contrast and intensity, move it rightward. To decrease them, move in the opposite direction.


In order to make adjustments to the other settings, click on the edit button positioned at down right. Then again, do not forget to assess the alignment, especially, if you are someone who does not like to ever see a crooked painting. With the edit options, the ability to create customized filters is simple. Some things that you could do include –

Photo Editing
  • Adding a vignette effect
  • Adjusting structure settings in order to enhance contrast & sharpness
  • Enhance vivid color saturation. You could, also, create an effect that looks faded by toning it down.

One of our professional photography tips is that you do not necessarily have to use too many effects. All that is important is to enhance the captivating aspects of your picture.


If you plan to make use of a single post to share multiple pictures, edit individual pictures separately. You will find a Venn diagram icon that is positioned downright of the picture. Click on it to activate the editing tools for individual photos. Failure to do this will cause your edits to be applied to all the photos. When editing Instagram photos for a multi-picture post, it is always worth it to edit the photos individually.


After applying our professional photography tips for editing Instagram photos, you are ready to post them. However, if you do not wish to post the photos yet, you can simply go to the screen that follows where you are meant to input a caption. Once there, just click back and click back again. You will be prompted by Instagram whether to save the photo as a draft. Whenever you are ready to post, you will find the draft saved and waiting. So, you can simply edit your photos and save them for posting whenever you’re ready.

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