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Do these Things when you’re Editing Family Photos in Photoshop

One major advantage of owning a digital camera is that you have the freedom to take as many pictures as you see fit. The usefulness of a digital camera is even more apparent when you want to capture a family moment or event.

However, you might end up with dozens of pictures that look like they were shot in poor lighting conditions or backgrounds. In some cases, they might even appear blurred, cramped or overly bright. Don’t stress; you can fix this without much of a stretch. 

Photo Editing

The first thing to do is to download Photoshop on your windows or Mac PC so that you can apply these tips – that I’ll be sharing with you in the subsequent lines. Photoshop is packed full with some of the world’s most amazing photography tools that can help you transform a flawed photo into a true work of art, just as, a masterpiece by a professional photographer. Okay, maybe not in the first trial.

However, with continuous practice and adherence to the following Photoshop tips, you’ll be producing family photos that would always be on point.

Use color effect on your photo

Regardless of whether you are editing family photos to improve a lightening or color contrast, you’ll have amazing results when you make it interesting with Photoshop’s color effects. These color effects allow you the freedom to age your photos as well. If you’re working on a photo that seems too bright, you can apply milder color effects that will make it look refined. Photoshop’s flexibility allows you to limit these color effects to selected areas on the photo. How to use Photoshop to achieve this?

You’ll have to grab the brush tool from the tool area on your Photoshop application and choose a fitting size for the brush. Photoshop brushes have their size varied to give room for flexibility when users are working to improve small areas on an image. You can paint your foreground to appear brighter than the background and vice versa. Which brings us to the next item on this list;

Convert to B&W

B&W – meaning black and white is probably the easiest fix for your not-so-good photo when you’re editing family photos. Converting your flawed photo to black and white will instantly transform it into a piece of art. Pictures that come in black and white forms, in general, look more elegant than their colored counterparts. The fact that this shading conceals flaws without altering the overall impression of the image accounts for why it is the best fix for your flawed family photo.

With Photoshop and some level of inventiveness on your part, you can create something spectacular with this tool. Much the same as we have discussed above, you can maintain the color on your foreground, whereas the color in your background would be black and white. You can also do it the other way round and have your foreground in black and white while you maintain the natural color of your environment. This will help you focus attention on the focal point of the picture (your family).

This kind of inventiveness will help you create pictures that are near-perfect without much exertion when you’re editing family photos.  

Lighten dark areas

It may appear glaringly evident to utilize the Brightness and/or Contrast tool to improve your photo’s lightning. This function is more appropriate for minor upgrades; on the other hand, you’ll discover greater adaptability with the Levels apparatus. To take advantage of this amazing tool for the betterment of your family portrait: open the photo and create an identical copy on Photoshop, then select the image and click on adjustments. Last but not least, click on levels and adjust the output with the grey slider. As you begin to drag the slider from right to left with your mouse, your photo’s brightness will start to increase in the same proportion. In the event that you are not satisfied with your photo’s level of contrast, you can customize it by pulling on the white slider sideways from the right.

Eliminate Red-eyes from your family photos

Sometimes we can’t choose where our cherished moments happen, which means you might have to capture moments as they come. It could be on the eve of a new year, on your way to a family event and so on. Fact is, you might have to take pictures in low-light environments; thus, you’ll have to use your camera’s flashlight for lightning.

However, there is a downside to using an on-camera flash for your family photos; they’ll most likely leave you and every other person in that photo with red-eyes. Left on checked, red-eyes can make your photos look bad. If you have pictures on your hard drive that have been marred by red-eyes, you don’t have to stress.

Photo Editing

This is How to use Photoshop to remove red-eyes when editing family photos; You can fix it with a few clicks on Photoshop. Simply launch the Photoshop app on your PC and highlight the area (with red-eyes) of interest on your photo. Select the Red-eye tool under the healing tool category, and there you have it, an instantly improved Photo.

Adjust colors on your photos and make them pop

If you want to improve your picture’s quality, you have to make sure that color disparity is kept at the barest minimum. The need to balance colors on your photo is more pronounced when you’re working on a picture where two or more people have bright colored outfits on them. There are two ways to approach this; one, select the image, click on adjustments, then click on the auto function to know just how much the colors are varied.

Another approach to this is to open the image, create an identical copy and select color balance from the pop-up menu. You can also achieve this, by concurrently dialing a “Ctrl” key and letter B on your keyboard. Use the set of sliders on the ensuing menu to work the color balance. Don’t forget to take a gander at what you’ve accomplished before saving.

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