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Basic Tips For Becoming a Professional Photographer

If you want to be a good photographer, you just need a little knowledge and experience …Before i can mention some important  tips for taking photos. Let me remind you of the main rule: Always keep your camera on your side. Because there are some moments that you can meet every decade. Remember this and after reading the following information, take your camera and start taking great photos.

As long as the photographer moves with a systematic approach, the learning can be accelerated. Rather than taking random shots, each photographer must create a period of learning experience for himself. All the features of the materials and the camera must be experienced one by one until all the changes have been made.

Photo Editing

The photographer can start by viewing the same subject with different lenses and then with the same lens at different distances. In this way, the focal length of the lens and how the distance is related to the image to learn everything that needs to know and gain experience.
After this brief knowledge let’s continue with the headlines .. 😉


As in real life, when looking at the person’s eye forms an occasional bond. When you take a picture of someone, ‘’hold the camera at the eye level of the person’’. It means you have to go down their neck, if children are involved. The person you take does not always need to look at the machine. The eye level angle alone creates a personal and inviting feeling that engages you in the picture.



A simple background provides a better view of the subject you’re photographing. While looking through your camera’s viewfinder, examine the area around the subject. Be careful out for the objects behind your favorite person and take care not to have objects to make him look bad.


Bright daylight can create unwanted deep shadows on the face. Destroy the shadows using a flash to lighten the face. Don’t forget to turn on your flash while taking pictures of people in sunny weather. You can select the fill flash or full flash mode. If the person you photographed is not more than 1.5 meters away, the fill flash may be required, and the full flash mode may be required if you are further away. Use the photo display panel (LCD screen) to review the results with a digital camera.

Select continuous flash mode if available on cloudy days. The flash illuminates people’s faces and makes the facial features stand out. You can also experience taking photos without a flash, as the lighter light of cloudy days can sometimes give pleasant results.



If the subject you are photographing is a smaller object than the car, use one, two-step zoom, without pressing the shutter. Your max must be to fill the photo frame with the subject of your photo. With close-up, you can catch emoticons that add meaning like freckles or an eyebrowed freckle.

However, if you go too close, your photo becomes blurred. Most cameras have the closest focal length of about 90 cm or a step away from your machine. If you go closer to your camera’s nearest focus distance (please check  your machine’s user manual to make sure), the photo is blurry.



The middle of the scene is a place for the actor. However, it’s not right to say the same thing for the center of your photo frame. Bring your photo to life by swiping the object you take away from the center of the photo frame. Suppose you have a game board with squares in your viewfinder. Place the subject you are photographing in one of the frames on the board and press the shutter button.

If you have a camera with an auto-focus, most of these machines will focus on the subject in the center of the viewfinder, so you must lock the target.



If the subject is not in the center of the photo, you must lock the focus to get a clear picture. Most auto-focus cameras focus on what’s in the center of the picture. However, in order to improve the quality of the photo, you must move the subject you took most of the time from side to side. If you do not want to take a blurred photo, you must first lock the focus while the subject is in the middle, and then change the composition so that the object slides in the middle.

You can usually lock the focus in three steps. First, center the subject and hold the shutter halfway down. Second, move the camera to the middle, while the shutter is still half-pressed. Third and last, press the shutter button fully to take the picture.



 * This tip is very important, you can understand why you’re always taking dark photos.  Don’t forget this details…

  • Distance

The most common mistake when using the flash is to shoot objects outside the range of the flash. Why is this wrong? Because the pictures taken away from the distance of the flash will be dark. In most cameras, the distance at which the flash is most effective will be shorter than 4.5 meters (approximately 5 steps).

What is the flash effect distance of your machine? Refer to your machine’s user guide. Couldn’t find it? Then don’t take the chance. Do not move more than 3 meters away from the subject.

  • Light

The most important aspect of the photograph is the light after the object you photographed. Light affects the appearance of everything in the photo you take. For example When taking photo of your grandmother, the bright sunlight on the side makes the wrinkles. However, the dim light of a cloudy day conceals the same wrinkles.

Don’t you want too much light to fall on your object? So either move yourself or relocate the object you took. Try the early morning or late evening when taking a landscape photo.



Your camera cannot stand vertically? If you have never laid down sideways to take vertical photographs, of course, they cannot stand. 🙂 Any type of object appears better in a vertical photo. Like a Lighthouse on a craggy area  or a flambe (torch) in the hand of a statue of liberty.So in your next experiment, tilt your camera and take a few vertical images…    statue of liberty

Photo Editing


Take control while taking photos; see how much the quality of the photos is increasing. act like a film director, not just like a photographer. The film director is the one who keeps everything under control. He makes the choice of place: Everybody come out to the backyard.  The director chooses the accessories: Girls, straighten your skirts.  The director organizes people: Now get a little closer and lean to the right.


You don’t usually need to be so intrusive when you take a picture, but you understand what we mean: don’t let the control take a photo so that the beauty of your own photos is a reward for you. This is a topic that is perhaps the sum of all other substances. Thinking poses both increase the accumulation of photography, and these shots make experienced comments, as well as time and energy costs.  I recommend shooting photos not a random shoot. if you wanna become a professional.. you will see that you will enjoy more as you try. Let me tell you a little secret, I have trained a few times to be a good photographer. Then I was able to take beautiful and impressive photos. Every photographer may occasionally make tricks on photos. For this, you will need a photo editing software.

Thank you for reading the my article. I hope you’ll be a professional photographer soon.

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