Getting a Good Glimpse of Waterproof Cameras at Cameradojo

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  • Waterproof action cameras worth investing in

Action Cameras should be one of the greatest gifts of technology to wanderlusts and adrenaline junkies. They make documentation of events easier without having to compromise the experience of being “in the moment”.


Action cameras are great treasures for adventurers, but thanks to technological advances, though action cameras are no longer limited to land use, they have expanded their reach even on deep waters. Waterproof action cameras came about one after the other, and are slowly becoming a necessity to many photographers.

But what makes a good waterproof action camera? A good action camera must be able to improve certain elements in a picture, like increasing its dramatic effect. It has a great video resolution, has a  high-frame rate, and its audio is crisp enough to hear a rush of wind, all despite being underwater. For more of these types of cameras, just read waterproof action camera reviews at cameradojo.

Due to the surge of new models in the market every year and its optimum unique features, waterproof action cameras have become increasingly popular among adventurers.  But is it the type of gadget worth keeping, or is it worth investing, in the first place? The answer to that is a big “Yes”.

When buying a gadget, most of the time the easiest way to decide is to weigh on the value of its usefulness.  If you’re one of those who loves to document adventures and capture moments, or just for the sake of documenting trips and adventures, then it’s about time you purchase waterproof camera. And what a way to start it through these waterproof action camera reviews at cameradojo.

So there you have it, the effect of having these waterproof cameras around. Here’s some gifts for photography enthusiasts that they can bring along even if the weather is bad, and the rain is not letting up. What are you waiting for? Why not give your photographer friend a waterproof camera.

Such is the stuff of having these waterproof cameras at cameradojo. On a side note, though, you might want to check out these brands as well from, to go along with these cool cameras. You’ll just have to secure an iherb discount coupon code when buying their products. That would be quite a buy, for sure.

And if you’re looking into purchasing a new waterproof camera, take some time to scan through different reviews, in particular these waterproof action camera reviews at cameradojo. Skim through these unbiased reviews, along with details on prices and its corresponding features. In the end, there’s no need to for you to go deeper online, just check out these waterproof camera at

Creating Lightroom Brush Presets

  • Lightroom and local adjustment brush
  • Creating lightroom brush presets
  • Resources about Lightroom

Lightroom, the favorite post processing software of professional photographers has a feature called local adjustment brush. This feature allows a user to be more efficient with his or her workflow without compromising on the quality of the result. In order to do this, aside from having custom presets at your disposal, you can also use lightroom brush presets to make your editing a whole lot faster.


So how do you create lightroom brush presets?

  1. First step is to open the development module and locate the local adjustment brush. This is assuming the Lightroom is already launched. Then, adjust any of the sliders according to your desire. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try something out.
  2. After you have done that, make sure to save the brush once you are done adjusting the settings. In order to save it, click on the Custom option on top of the brush panel. Then hit Save Current Settings as New Preset.
  3. After click that option, the Save Brush Preset dialog box will appear. It will ask you to save the preset. Make sure you name it according to its function to avoid confusion on what it does.
  4. Once you hit save, it is a good idea to double check if the brush preset was really saved. Click the Effect option to see all the brush presets. Look for the preset you’ve just saved.
  5. As a precaution, it is good to backup your presets. Go to Edit > Preferences > Presets > Show Lightroom Presets Folder and look for the Local Adjustment Presets folder. Copy the presets you’ve made and save it in your backup folder or drive.

So there you have it, creating lightroom brush presets is as easy as 1,2,3. For other tutorials and tips about Lightroom, you can visit They have lots of good content about Lightroom. You will learn a lot from it.

Features To Look Out for In Action Cameras


  • Action cameras introduction
  • What features do you need to look out for
  • Where can I get info about great action cameras

Action cameras have redefined the art of taking action videos by the average action video enthusiast. More and more people are hopping on the bandwagon of taking action videos with their action cameras and posting it on their respective social media accounts. We have to admit that this trend will likely be here to stay for several more years to come. From extreme sports like, surfing, skydiving, paragliding, skateboarding, you name it; there are surely action videos that abound in sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media sites. This has sparked the demand for great action cameras over the past few years.

If you are looking to hop on that bandwagon and get yourself an action camera, then there are several things you need to take into account. Here’s a list. If you want more info, see details here as well.

  • Size – a good action camera should be small so that you can carry it with you anywhere and you won’t have a hard time mounting it anywhere you like, be it a selfie stick, your helmet, your surfboard, your chest or anywhere you like.
  • Audio and Video Quality – Yes, these two things should go hand in hand. Good action cameras should take good quality video and audio. Some action cameras in the market today either have one or the other, but there are some that have both.
  • Mounting Capabilities – Action cameras should have the capability to be mounted anywhere you want. Otherwise, you will be stuck holding it while filming, and that isn’t really an option. Keep your hands free to do what you do.
  • Ease of Use – Good action cameras shouldn’t be hard to use. Otherwise it is just another gadget that no one will ever use if it is too complicated.

Once you find an action camera that fit those categories above, check reviews online if they live up to the expectation before you purchase it. See details here if you want more in depth reviews of action cameras. is good start if you are looking for a great review site.

Explaining the Benefits of Wedding Photography

  • Weddings are undeniably the most complex, yet exciting events in our lives.
  • Explaining the Benefits of Wedding Photography
  • The services of most professional photographers are typically high and a bit expensive.

Weddings are undeniably the most complex, yet exciting events in our lives. You need to consider a lot of things in making perfect and solemn wedding day celebration. Of course, you need the help of some professionals like wedding coordinators, food caterers, and professional photographers to plan and prepare the event.

In this article, we will focus more on the benefits of hiring wedding photographers for your wedding. Basically, in today’s time, the services of most professional photographers are typically high and a bit expensive. Why? Well, it’s because it is not that easy to become a wedding photographer; they’re not just there to sit and capture images, they do a lot of things that will make their clients happy.


Here are some of the benefits of hiring a wedding photographer:

Produce High-Quality Images

With great experience, professional photographers deal beyond their responsibility. They are hired to record great wedding moments. Of course, they often use the best bundles of wedding Lightroom preset to produce a great and high-quality wedding album.

Capture Best Momentums

Another great benefit of hiring a professional photographer is that they can capture the best moments of your wedding day. Yes, your friends can use their smartphone’s camera to capture the whole event, but the great lenses from photographers can take great and once in a lifetime momentum without blurring the scenario.

Provide Artistic Approach

Essentially, one of the services of most wedding photographers is the pre-wedding photo shoot. That’s when photographers create a story line of the couple’s love story. It allows couple to make their own short film and have fun at the same time.

Competent Photos via Lightroom Presets

  • Photo-enhancing app that is quite handy and easy to use.
  • Presenting photos with an added edge through Lightroom
  • Downloadable presets for everyday use

The competition is so stiff in the photography world that as a photographer you need to be equipped with the latest photo-enhancing tools around. And one of these tools that you need to have are these presets Lightroom has to offer.

It’s the latest photo enhancing solution out there, and these presets Lightroom is offering allows you to present your photos with that added edge over other pictures posted online. Its user-friendly tools enable you to go about certain details in your photo without possibly altering its image.


And these presets Lightroom comes in a collection online. You can either get it with a price or get it free, but still the same quality picture can be expected out of these cool presets.

Lightroom is a photo app; to start with, it is your handy companion when it comes to improving the color, texture and even the aura of your photos. You can use these presets with your Mac or PC, whatever is convenient for you. And you don’t have to worry if these images are raw because these presets work still with these kinds of pictures.

It is the next best thing when it comes to photo editing because it keeps having new presets almost every day, in some cool collection, and most of it is free.

You will not even feel the competition surrounding the photography world, though, with these presets Lightroom, because you busy yourself improving your photographs than worrying yourself with what kind of tools to use for your photos.

So get these presets now and use them with your photos. Make it habit to be a part of your system when you improve the quality of your photo images, these presets Lightroom has will definitely make wonders with your photos. Quite an improvement out of using these free presets online.

Nostalgic Actions with Photoshop

  • Photoshop actions that make for authentic photos in the process
  • Highlighting features of photo subject through vintage Photoshop actions
  • Download free Photoshop actions online

Bringing back the yesteryears either brings a smile or a tear to some people. That sense of nostalgia sometimes sends a profound effect on others that even a mere photo can actually move them to tears. So if you’re a photographer, imagine what your vintage photos can do to a person, especially when that nostalgic mood sets in.

ph5When Photoshop (PS) was first introduced as a photo-enhancing tool, the idea of creating that vintage feel was unheard of. Not until these vintage and nostalgic actions made for PS that creating that old, worn out look of your photos did Photoshop perfected its tool.

But what makes these vintage and nostalgic actions made for PS so special? What makes them so popular that there’s already a host of free Photoshop actions available online?

These vintage and nostalgic actions made for PS allows you to:

  1. Add that authentic look of the past – When photos have that worn out look, most people tend to treat such pictures as important, It is authentic because “it has seen better days”, thereby, increasing the value of such photo.
  2. Present your photo in a different way – Vintage and nostalgic actions made for PS enables you to present your photo apart from its usual color. You can present your photos either in sepia or in gray mode.
  3. Highlight certain features of your subject – This is one way of emphasizing certain characteristics of your photo subject that you wouldn’t normally notice with other pictures.

So these vintage and nostalgic actions made for PS makes for superb, quality photos in the process. You can enhance its authenticity, present it in a different form and highlight (as much as you want) those features of your photo subject.

Download these vintage and nostalgic actions made for PS right now, and let it enhance your photos according to your vintage preference. Bring back those feelings of yesteryears, regardless if it brings a smile on your face or some tears from your eyes, as long as it is enhanced with these Photoshop actions that picture remains perfect.

Reviewing The Overall Performance of Adobe Lightroom

Basically, this article comes from a photographer oriented point of view, as I’ve had the chance to work with Lightroom and other useful programs. Adobe Lightroom has reached its peak already since it has been recognized as one of the fastest and reliable photo editing tool in the market today. It also contains several features such as photo management, slide show creation, geo-tagging and more.


As I was saying, more and more photographers and other users like graphic and web designers, artists, painters and architects are using Lightroom software for their images.

Lightroom also uses the finest data processors that will speed up the whole editing process of creating adobe Lightroom presets or modifying tons of images. Although there were some speculations at first that Lightroom will replace the biggest and stable editing tool called Photoshop, Lightroom has proved itself that it can do better and differently from Adobe Photoshop.

I have used Photoshop to most of my images before, and I can say that it went very well with my images. My clients were satisfied with the result. But the only disadvantage of using Photoshop is that I am required to sit in and modify images one by one, and to think editing a certain image could take 3-4 hours of my time. When using Lightroom, I realized that I can actually finish hundreds of editing tasks in 3 hours.  That’s already a big difference.

Today, I personally use Adobe Lightroom for my images. But, whenever I need to focus on one image, I prefer using Photoshop since it contains more advanced editing tools. Nothing will ever replace Photoshop and I guess Lightroom is just the simplified tool or software of it. What I like about Lightroom is its ability to organize image and save it in one collection. By that way, there’s no excuse of losing important images.

Want To Step Up Your Lightroom Skills? You Need To Read This First!

sdaAdobe Lightroom is one of the most trusted post processing tools for most photographers. It is such an excellent image editing tool that is very useful for professional photographers, graphic and web designers, and artists.

When I first started using Lightroom, I was already using Adobe Photoshop, also one of the famous tools in the industry, for my images. For some, Lightroom is a replacement of Photoshop, but for me, both of them have their own unique features and services. I decided to try and use Lightroom since I’ve been hearing a lot of good stuff about it.

At first, I was confused with the interface since there were so many buttons, menus, adjustment sliders to deal with. I thought I’ll never get to understand everything, but through great determination,  I can say that I am now good at using Adobe Lightroom.

Here are three of the most useful features of Lightroom that I use every day with my images. I suggest that you try them out to improve your Lightroom skills.

Create more presets

Presets are the main key feature of Lightroom. It’s more like image filters on Facebook and Instagram. However, the good thing about presets is that it is reusable and modifiable. Moreover, it can be applied to one or more of your images in just a few clicks. So, when you start using Lightroom, make sure to create more free presets for lightroom on your own. By doing so, you will be able to improve your creativity and skills in designing presets.

Master basic adjustments in the Develop Module

Basically, everything you need to use in creating presets and adjusting colors is in the Develop Module. Once you’ve mastered the entire develop module process, you’ll get to create more free presets for lightroom for your images.

Organize images in the Library Module

The library module in Lightroom is one of the most useful modules since you get to organized thousands of images there. You can also create customized or virtual folders called Lightroom collections.

Elements of a Great Photo

You can now make changes with your photos in many different ways. In the old days, you are only given flat images that are not pleasing to the eye at times, let alone generate an interest on it. Today, however, you can enhance your photo images with the precision of a seasoned photographer.


That is what Photoshop brings to the table. Ever since its arrival it has been enhancing photos that is generating a lot of buzz online. It’s free Photoshop elements, for instance, has all the tools you need to create that desired effect you want on your photo. From your photo resolution to the texture of your images, these Photoshop elements will take care of it.

This is your photo application that lets you experiment without altering the basic composition of your photos. It’s edit features allows you to make artistic enhancements and quick editing for a clearer, cooler image in the process.

You can even organize your photos with these free Photoshop elements, put labels on it for easy find, while creating scrapbooks, albums, calendars and cards out of it. And you can share these same photos to every social media you have.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” That is the beauty and joy at the same time of having these free Photoshop elements on your photos. You can download this app anytime online. And when you do, you are on your way to an enriching experience generated by your enhanced photos.

Featuring Adobe Lightroom Preset

Adobe Lightroom is one of the popular and most powerful post processing software in the market today. It earns praises every now and then as it contains a lot of useful editing features. One of the features that most photographers use is called presets or filtered images with different styles and effects that can be applied to images. Unlike other photo management programs, Lightroom has the ability to help photographers save time and effort since it doesn’t require manual editing.

LR1Why is it called a preset?

Lightroom presets are similar to those filtered images that you see on Instagram, VSCO and Facebook. The only difference is that you can always modify the style, settings and effects in Lightroom anytime you want. Adobe, the developer of Lightroom decided to include a feature like preset to help photographers and ordinary users simplify their editing process.

Personally, I have been using Adobe Lightroom for years now and I still get amazed with the company’s way to improve the program. In addition, I have more time taking more outdoor pictures because I don’t have to spend a lot of time modifying my action sports camera images.

Basically, you can freely create your own set of Lightroom preset collection and share it online. However, you should make sure that have high-quality preset collection. But if you don’t have enough time to create presets, you can always download it for free or paid.

Using Lightroom preset is very simple, you have to load your Lightroom application and select any images that you want to modify on the Develop tab. Click on the preset tab and choose a preset you want to apply to your images.

As your collection of Lightroom presets grow, you can organize it in the interface by creating a folder for easy access. For more information, tips and Lightroom tutorials, you can always check Lightroom Fanatic’s website.

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